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Question no.1 - It is compulsory for applicant to have done previous work in the region following clause 3.3?

Response no.1 - The system of evaluation of qualification criteria is pass/fail. However, depending on the number of applicants, lack of regional experience may be considered as minor deviation, in order to secure enough competition in tender.

Question no.2 - Will the Justifying Documents, like Audited Balance Sheets, Similar Contracts, Payment Certificates, Bank Statements, etc. be submitted only in the original language (Albanian), or they will be accompanied with an accurate translation into English?

Response no.2 - The prequalification/tender language is English. The applicants should accompany their justifying documents with English translations of documents’ part relevant to qualification requirements.  

Question no.3 - Should the application include also the subcontractor’s legal document, balance sheets for the five years, 2 similar contracts, credit line, company structure, staff forms, ect or he may complete only the subcontractor declaration form?

Response no.3 - Yes, the application will include all subcontractor(s)’ justifying documents relevant to the qualification criteria set for the subcontractor. 

Question no.4 - What exchange rate for Euro currency should be used for calculating turnover and similar experience requirements?

Response no.4 - For evaluation purposes, the financial information in other currencies shall be converted to Euro, using the Bank of Albania official fix rate. Paragraph 1.3 of the prequalification document specifies on which dates the conversion should be made.

Question no.5 - In which form should we enter the information regarding ‘litigation or arbitration over the last 3 years’?

Response no.5 - There is no specific form for the information regarding ‘litigation or arbitration cases over the last three years’. The applicant should give an accurate narrative description of such cases.

Question no.6 - Which are the documents we should submit for similar contracts and construction equipment?

Response no.6 - For similar contracts, applicants should fill form 3a and attach legalized/ notarized copy of the declared contracts. For construction equipment, applicants should fill form 7 and attached legalized/notarized copy of the documentation for the available declared equipments.

Question no.7 - What specific form should we use for the financial capability criteria (paragraph 2.5 in table 2: Technical, legal and financial evaluation criteria)?

Response no.7 - There are no specific forms to show the financial requirements. It is up to the applicant how to demonstrate his finance sources. However, declarations should be accompanied by supporting documents.

Question no.8 - Should the international companies legalized with apostil stamp their supporting documentation (balance sheets, similar contracts, ect.)?

Response no.8 - Yes, international companies should legalize with apostil stamp their supporting documents, while local companies should notarize their supporting documents.