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Question no.1: In the Prequalification Documents for the Tenders WL - Rec 47, WL - Rec 90, Wl - Rec 46 - 1 and WL - Rec 91 in the para.2.2 Qualification Criteria, Article 1 – General Experience at the end of this article it is stated that "Applicants should submit copy of notarized justifying documents (in case of foreign companies documents should be legalized), for the above mentioned criteria, as balanced sheets, similar contracts and interim payment certificates.

In the Applicant Form (3) – Particular Experience Record it is stated and highlighted that "The applicant should attach copy of notarized/legalized justifying documents, including similar contracts and interim payments certificates".

Can you clarify what are exactly the documents we have to provide in order to fulfill the criteria for particular experience record? What do you mean by interim payment certificates? Therefore we kindly are asking you to list the necessary documents for this criterion.


Interim PaymInterim Payment Certificates are certificates issued by the engineer in which is included the value of the works done in a certain period of time.

Question no.2: In the Application Form 7 – Financial Capability at the end of the form it is stated that "Firms owned by individuals, and partnership, may submit their balance sheets certified by an account, and supported by copies of tax returns, if audits are not required by the Law of their countries of origin". Can you explain what copy of tax return is? If I submit the balance sheet and it’s respectively audit report for the last five years did I fulfill the qualification criteria?


A tax return is a documeA tax return is a document which has to be submitted to the tax authorities for them to assess the amount of tax to be paid by a company or individual. It includes the income earned and the expenditures to be offset against the income. The balance sheets and its respective audit report for the last 5 years are considered satisfactory for evaluation purpose.

Question no.3: Can you list all necessary documents we have to submit for the required personnel (engineers) in order to show their experience?


You have to submit the CYou have to submit the CV of required personnel and fulfill Application Form (5), Personnel Capabilities and Form 5A for each candidate.

Question no.4: Prequalification and tendering is mentioned:4.3 … A firm may apply for prequalification both individually and as part of a joint venture. However, a prequalified firm or a member of a prequalified joint venture may participate as a Tenderer in only one tender, either individually or as a partner in a joint venture, for the contract.
Since meaning of word Tenderer and tender is confusing we would like to clarify that if our company fulfill the requirements for one contract and plus that for 70 % of other contract (example 170% of turnover requirements). Does it mean we can use that 70% to participate as JV with another company for that contract. Is this correct?


You can use the 70% amount to participate as JV in a different tender. For more explanation refer to Response for Question no. 5 here below.

Question no. 5: If we are prequalified both as individually and also as a part of JV , does it mean that we can't give an offer for same contract both individually and as part of JV. How about in a case when we are prequalified for one contract individually and also for one contract part of JV, can we can give an offer for one contract individually and for other contract part of JV. Is this correct?


In case when a company is prequalified as single and also when this company is in JV with another company and both are prequalified for one contract they cannot submit two Bids for the same contract. But they can submit two bids for two different contracts, as an individual for one and as a JV for the second.

Question no. 6: In Prequalification Data, “Data Personnel Capabilities” (page 11), is has been mentioned that “The Applicant shall provide suitable qualified personnel to fill the following positions. For each position the applicant will supply information (in Form 5) on a first choice candidate and an alternate, each of whom meets the experience requirements specified below’; in the light of this clause; if the applicant wants to apply for 3 contracts, could the applicant supply only 1 personnel in form 5 with first choice and alternate for all contracts? Or if different choice candidate are required for each lots, could the first choice candidate of 1 contract be the alternative candidate of another contract? Referring to “Clarification No.1” with answers for questions documentation which was sent by your side dated June 15, 2012, at question no.3 and related response, it has been mentioned that if we propose 4 different teams of personnel or its possible to propose the prime candidate in 1 contract as alternative in another one, ADF has answered that we must propose 4 different teams of personnel. As it was not very clear that could the first candidate is the alternative candidate of another contract?


If the applicant wants to apply for three contracts:

  • The applicant should supply three different personnel capabilities forms for the contracts. Each contract must have its own personnel form, different from the other, with different candidates.
  • First choice candidate of one contract can`t be the alternative candidate of another contract.
So if any Applicant wishes to request Prequalification for multiple contracts, than you must increase all of the submitted qualification criteria by a multiple of 2, 3 or 4, depending on the number of contracts requesting to prequalify for.