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Name of Procuring Entity:          Albanian Development Fund

Name of Project:                          Secondary and Local Roads Project

Project EBRD – ID:                     40153

Project BEI – ID:                          2007 – 0519

Tender/Contract Description:   Contract CWC/ICB/2014/WL-Rec 146

                                                       Reconstruction of road Qeparo – Kudhes –Kuç,

                                                       segment Qafe Shper – Ura e Kudhesit, in Vlora Region

Applicants Prequalified  

1. JV “Albavia” sh.p.k. & “Pe-Vla-Ku” sh.p.k. 

2. “Consorzio Stabile ECIT”

3. JV “Alb Building” sh.p.k. & “2T” sh.p.k.

4. JV “Gjikuria sh.p.k. & “Arti” sh.p.k.

5. “Viktoria Invest International” ltd

6. “Tirrena Scavi” s.r.l.

7. JV “Consorzio Stabile EBG” s.r.l. & “Riviera” sh.p.k.

8. “Salillari” sh.p.k.

9. “G.P.G Company” sh.p.k.

10. “Gener 2” sh.p.k.

11. “Albstar” sh.p.k.

12. “Gjoka Konstruksion” sh.a.

13. “ANK” sh.p.k.

Rejected Applicants

1. “Alko-Impex” sh.p.k.

2. JV “Picco Bartolomeo” s.r.l. & “Felizzano Costruzioni” s.r.l.

3. “Intrakat” S.A.

4. “Triss Ndertim” sh.p.k.

5. “Gruppo Ottoerre” s.r.l.

6. “Vezzola” s.r.l.

In all cases the Procuring Entity shall undertake verification at the time of tendering, and that tenders shall be rejected by the Procuring Entity, at its discretion, if the verification is unsatisfactory or if the tenderer is unable to confirm the specified requirements.

Only applicants (firms or joint venture) that have been prequalified under this full process will be eligible to tender.

The tender documents will be issued only to prequalified firms.