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Shërbime Konsulence

Tirana, 6 April 2016


1. Contracting authority

Fondi Shqiptar i Zhvillimit
Rr. “Sami Frasheri”, Nr. 10
Tirana, Albania
E-mail: eilirjani@albaniandf.org

2. Project Title:

HERA 1°str./0008, Sustainable tourism management of Adriatic heritage”

3. Financed:

IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme

4. Project Background:

Project HERA - Sustainable tourism management of Adriatic HERitage, financialy supported by IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, deals with some of the major challenges of all partner countries concerning culture and tourism sector - lack of an integrated management and promotion strategy of Adriatic cultural heritage, insufficient involvement of community actors in cultural heritage promotion and valorisation activities, high seasonality of tourism demand, unequal development level of tourism offer between Adriatic countries, and finally, lack of promotion of Adriatic area as a unique cultural tourism destination on the international market.
In order to respond to these challenges all countries of IPA Adriatic programme jointly developed project HERA with specific objective: "To develop a joint cross-border platform within the Adriatic area for management and promotion of sustainable tourism based on common cultural heritage". In order to achieve projects specific objective, a set of activities mutually interconnected will be implemented, such as:

  • CAPITALISATION AND SUSTAINABILITY. A systematic capitalization of IPA and other EU funded projects’ results and policies in the specific theme will be used to develop a Joint Action Plan to valorize of Adriatic cultural heritages for tourism and elaborate Sustainability Action Plan to grant results 'sustainability after the project’s end.
    A sustainable cross-border HERA Trademark Association will be established to elaborate joint methodologies & procedures, to coordinate concrete interventions' implementation in the involved territories and to grant long-term sustainability of achieved results.
  • PILOT PROJECTS - DEVELOPMENT OF VISITOR CENTRES. HERA TM methodology will be tested by implementation of pilot projects in all involved countries performing heritages’ infrastructural improvements, key stakeholders’ capacity building and awareness raising, local cultural tourism routes and multimedia of visitor centers development. Further to pilot projects implementation, HERA TM will be assigned to new Cultural Tourism Routes & Visitor Centers, which satisfy the joint methodologies, procedures & sustainability criteria. Finally, a structured dissemination / networking action for promoting new Adriatic Heritage routes & project result will be implemented.

5. Contract objective.

The objective of this contract is the communication, dissemination and transfer of project’s action results in order to raise awareness and visibility of the project's objectives, activities and achievements towards relevant target groups.

6. Scope of the work consists mainly on:

a) Organize the Local Conference on Joint Action Plan of Adriatic Region and HERA Trademark
b) Organization of National Conference on dissemination and networking of HERA project results
c) Organization of educational workshops towards tourism stakeholders to capacity building and raising awareness of key tourism stakeholders

7. Duration of contract

Activities related-project will take place during April- September 2016.

8. Recruitment Qualifications:

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor degree in relevant subject.
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in Tourism sector.
  • Outstanding communication, project management and organizational skills
  • Proficiency in English and computer literacy is essential

9. Information and documents to be provided

Expressions of interest in the form of CV should be submitted. Deadline for submission is April 12, 2016. Once the short-list is finalized, interviews are expected to be conducted in order to finalize the selection process. The best qualified experts will be invited to submit a financial proposal. Negotiations of the terms of the contract are expected to be conducted within April 2016.