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Shërbime Konsulence

Clarifications # 2 to Candidates

Question no. 1 It is enough that the Leading company of a consortium complies with the turnover of EUR 3 million, meaning that there can be companies in the consortium with a turnover of less than EUR 3 million?


Response:  - The lead firm needs to have at least 3 million EUR of turnover. The partner in a potential association / consortium can have less than 3 million.


Question no. 2 – Do the documents included as Certified statement of financial capacity need to be provided in original/certified copy or scanned copies are acceptable? In case originals/certified copies are required, do all the members of the consortium need to provide the original documents or is it enough that the leading company provides the originals/certified copies, and the other consortium members provide just scanned copies of those elements?


Response:  - Certified statement refers to the submission of legalised justifying documents (balance sheets, statement of turnover, ect.). All justifying documents submitted should be legalised. 


Question no. 3 – As for the details of experience or similar assignments undertaken in the previous five years, the notice mentions that the information submitted shall include, among others, written references where possible. Are these references referring to client reference letters certifying the experience or similar assignments included in the Expression of Interest?


Response:  - Consultants can submit summaries of recent relevant work which they have undertaken and the Client reserves the right to pursue third party references.


Question no. 4 – Since the EOI must not exceed 25 pages, and it is not possible, therefore, to annex balance sheets with English translation and other documents, we kindly ask you to confirm us whether a simple statement signed by the General Manager stating the turnover for the last three years would be accepted.


Response:  - The EoI must not exceed 25 pages excluding CVs and justifying documents for statement of financial capacity. Therefore, please annex justifying documents showing fulfilment of financial capacity. A statement signed by the General Manager stating the turnover for the last three years is not sufficient.