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Shërbime Konsulence

Clarifications # 1 to Candidates

Question no. 1. – Given the large number of staff that would be required for the project implementation, and the fact that there is an existing Supervisor whose contract is due to expire shortly, then it is highly likely that CV’s for a number of staff (not currently permanent employees of the company) could be included in the pre-qualification submissions for more than one Consultancy firm.


Response:  - Consultants which are considering entering into consortium, sub-contracting or other similar arrangements with other firms or individuals should carefully note section 5.5 (b) of the EBRD’s Procurement Policies and Rules, which can be summarised as follows:


  • consultants may not submit more than one expression of interest for an assignment,
  • nor may they appear as a joint venture partner or consortium member on more than one expression of interest.

In such cases, all expressions of interest containing the same consultant must be excluded from further evaluation. Consultants may, however, be listed as sub-contractors on more than one expression of interest, in which case all expressions of interest can be further evaluated. It is the Consultant’s responsibility to ensure that any consultants with which it associates for the purpose of preparing its expression of interest are aware of the implications of failure to comply with this provision.


Under EBRD procurement rules, it is possible for individuals to be part of multiple bids, as long as they are sub-contractors. It is not possible for an individual/company to be the main contractor / consortium on multiple bids.