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About ADF

The Albanian Development Fund (ADF) is a public agency whose mission is to encourage a sustainable, balanced and cohesive socio-economic development at local and regional level.

The ADF was established at the beginning of 1993, based on an agreement between the Albanian Government and the World Bank.

On May 11, 2009, the Albanian People’s Assembly endowed ADF with a special legal status (PDF download).

The main objectives of the ADF are:

  • improvement of the local socio-economic infrastructure;
  • improvement of the local public services;
  • institutional strengthening of the local government units;
  • encouragement of good governance at local level;

1. Management of projects financed by the Albanian Government and/or various donors whose aim is the local and regional development;

2. Provision of financial assistance in forms such as grants, loans, guarantees, etc. for the local government units to the improve the socio-economic infrastructure and local public services;

3. Provision of technical support in the implementation, follow-up and the supervision of investments to improve socio-economic infrastructure and the local public services;

4. Provision of technical assistance and carrying out trainings to increase the institutional capacities of the local government;

5. Accomplishment of various activities to serve the implementation of policies and the instruments of the local and regional development.