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Organizative structure

ADF’s organisational structure includes

Board of Trustees:
The Board of Trustees is the ADF’s highest decision making body .The BoT is made up of 11 members; five members are representatives of the line ministries and six members are representatives of the local government units.
Executive Director:
The Executive Director is the ADF‘s highest authority. The ED is accountable to the BoT. The Executive Director is nominated by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Trustees’ members
Department of Finance
The Department of Finance applies and maintains an accounting system in accordance with the provisions of the Manual of Procedures, National Accounting Standards of the Albanian Government and which are acceptable by the donors
Department of Infrastructure:
The Department of Infrastructure includes in its structure the Road Infrastructure Projects Unit, Hydrotechnical Projects Unit, Technical Support Unit and Community Projects Unit.
Department of Regional Development:
The Department for Regional Development includes in its structure the Unit for the Management of Regional Development Projects (UMRDP) and the Resource Center for Local Development (RCLD). The UMRD is responsible for managing and coordinating the implementation of regional development projects. The Unit shall prepare information on the progress of the ongoing projects/programs, prepare institutional reports, organize public events which ensure communication with public at large, stakeholders and promote the image of the institution. The RCLD aims at creating a supportive environment for training public administration and other local actors to address the citizens' needs for integrated and participatory development, qualitative public services, information, transparency and support of the country's integration into the EU.
Legal and Procurement Unit:
The Legal and Procurement Unit provides juridical assistance for the ADF’s activity in accordance with the Albanian Legislation, donors‘agreements and Manual of Procedures. It also guarantees fair and transparent procurement procedures.
Unit of Internal Audit:
UIA is responsible for supervising the ADF’s application of technical and financial procedures. The unit audits whether the activities are performed in accordance with the ADF’s Law, Statute and Manual of Procedures.
Unit of Administration:
The unit of administration develops and applies the ADF’s administrative procedures. The UA also applies ADF’s employment procedures and provides facilities for the institution’s efficient operation.
Unit of Environment:
The unit of environment organises, follows up and controls the accomplishment of environmental procedures throughout the project cycle.
Organizative Structure