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Infrastructure Investments
The Albanian Development Fund supports and assists through investment funds the LGU-s and communities for the rehabilitation and development of small socio-economic infrastructure and social services via the implementation of road infrastructure, sewer and water systems projects, irrigation and protection against overflows project, construction of small bridges, construction of community centers, school buildings etc.
Assistance for local government
The Albanian Development Fund assists in capacity building for the LGU-s and communities for the right administration and sustainability of the accomplished investments in the framework of the Strategy for the Decentralization of Local Government. The ADF also provides training and technical assistance for the LGU-s in drafting Local Development Plans which boost development and reduce unemployment.
Community Participation
The Albanian Development Fund encourages the community participation throughout the entire cycle of project identification, implementation, functioning and maintenance. In accomplishing the infrastructure subprojects, ADF relies on the LGU-s financial contribution in order to ensure the sustainability of investments. Each community is responsible for the identification of its priority project, for establishing the follow-up and counseling groups which are going to assist in project planning, supervision, functioning and maintenance.
Environmental Protection
Environmental protection is a constituent part of the evaluation criteria which are used by the ADF during project selection, design and implementation. The Environmental Assessment takes into consideration the natural habitat, human health and socio-cultural factors. The Albanian Development Fund conducts for each subproject the public consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).