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Key Persons

Benet Beci Benet BECI - Executive Director

Mr. Beci graduated in 1987 from Tiranëa University, Faculty of Economy. In 2003, he accomplished the 2-year Master program in Business Administration (MBA), by defending the Master’s thesis entitled “The banking system in transition, shocks and lessons”, at the Faculty of Economy, University of Tiranëa and University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2003. Mr. Beci started his professional career in 1987 at the Albanian Ministry of Transports as tariffs and standards inspector. In 1992, he started working as an economist at the Foreign Relations Division of the National Bank (at present the Bank of Albania). From 1993 -1999 he joined the National Commercial Bank where he held several positions such as specialist at the Letters of Credit and Foreign Financing Department, specialist at Foreign Fund Management Department, Head of Credit Division at Foreign Finance Department. Over the period April 1999 - June 2003, Mr. Beci continued his professional career as Financial Director of the Rural Financing Fund, to keep working up to October 2005 as Financial Director of the Union of Savings and Credit Associations, a financial institution created by the assets transfer of the Rural Financing Fund.

Since October 2005, Mr. Beci holds the position of Executive Director of the Albanian Development Fund.

Mr. Beci was a Member of the Audit Committee of the Credit Bank of Albania, over the period September 2005 – January 2008.

Mr. Benet Beci was a member of the Bank of Albania Supervisory Council from February 2008 to October 2012.

Mr. Beci has attended a number of training courses in Albania and abroad. His areas of interests are mainly banking system and lending institutions functions, financial analysis, risk management and interest rate determination, effective management of micro-financial institutions, budgeting, projects planning and management, and financial and lending institutions modeling.

Tritan Brahimaj Tritan BRAHIMAJ - Deputy Executive Director and Director of Infrastructure Department

Mr. Brahimaj graduated in 1995 from Polytechnic University, Faculty of Engineering -Hydrotechnical Division. He has got previous work experience in technical design, works direction and supervision of civil works, costs estimation and bill of quantities drafting in both private and public sector.

Mr. Brahimaj has attended training courses on:

  • Project cycle management at the International Training Center of the ILO, Turin Italy
  • Management and administration of the FIDIC Contracts provided by FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers

Since April 2007, Mr. Brahimaj holds the position of Deputy Executive Director and Director of Infrastructure Department at the ADF.

Fitnete Kociaj Fitnet KOCIAJ - Director of Finance Department

Mrs. Kociaj She graduated in 1986 in Finance from University of Tiranëa, Faculty of Economics. Prior to joining ADF, Mrs. Kociaj worked as a financier and finance manager in public administration, banks and projects related to the World Bank.

She has attended training courses on:

  • “New Accounting System” organized by the National Accounting Council
  • “Disbursement Procedures in World Bank Projects”, “Financial Management & Disbursement in IFI-Financed projects”
  • “Project Management in WB –Funded projects: control of project delivery (time, scope, procurement, budget and resources)”.

Since January 2009 she holds the position of Finance Director at ADF.

Blendi Bushati Blendi BUSHATI - Deputy Executive Director and Director of the Regional Development Department

Mr. Bushati graduated in 2000 from Tirana University, Faculty of Social Sciences, at Philosophy and Sociology Department. He attended postgraduate studies in Sociology and Local Development. He holds a Master’s Degree in “Management of Development", from University of Turin and the International Training Center of the ILO with the thesis on "Sustainable Tourism Development in the Albanian Alps".

Prior to joining ADF, Mr. Bushati had an experience in implementing projects in the civil society.
Mr. Bushati has attended training courses on:

  • "Local Development Framework"
  • "Project Management Cycle"
  • "Conflict and Peace Impact Assessment"
  • "Beneficiary Assessment"
He joined the ADF in 2003. Since 2005 he is at the head of the Local Development Plans Unit (now Regional Development Department).