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Annual Reports

Annual report 2011

Annual Report 2011 presents the main activity carried out by the ADF, financial accomplishment, the performance of the institution, the progress of the programs under implementation and the future planned activities.

Annual report 2010

In the course of 2010, the ADF has supported and assisted via investment funds the Local Government Units and communities to upgrade infrastructure and improve governance through secondary and local roads reconstruction projects, sewerage and water supply projects, community projects etc. The investment programs for 2010 were: “Secondary and Local Roads” Program, “Rural Water Supply” Program and “Community Works III” Program

Annual report 2009

The year 2009 is characterized by a high intensity of activities, of work volume, of allocated funds, commitment and outputs. In the course of this year, a very important program that of the “Secondary and local Roads” stepped into the stage of full implementation, “Community Works III” has entered into the second stage of the program…

Annual report 2008

This report presents in a concise manner the activity of the ADF for the year 2008. It aims at displaying the accomplishment of the ADF’s main work objectives related to the infrastructure investment for the Local Government Unit, the activities for their capacity building, the financial resources and the expenditures according to the budgetary planning this year.