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Secondary and Local Roads Program

"The Improvement of Secondary and Local Roads" Program, co-financed by the World Bank and other donors at the cost of $ 400 million US, aims at increasing the concrete efforts for the improvement of infrastructure in the country and for increasing the access to basic services and markets, especially in rural areas via the rehabilitation of 1500km of road network.

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Rural Water Supply Program

The goal of this Program is to improve and secure the living conditions of the rural population via the construction of 28 water supply schemes which will provide the population of 50 villages with hygienic, clean water in sufficient quantity based on cost-covering and socially accepted tariffs.

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The general objective of the Project IPATECH is to strengthen research & innovation competences in the agro-food sector in order to contribute to competitiveness & increase the development of the Adriatic area through economic, social & institutional cooperation.

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The project purpose is to guide the economic development in the Kelmend, Shkrel, Plave, Andrejevice and Berane by jointly planning cross border tourism development plan for the communities in the cross-border area

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HERA Project

"Sustainable tourism management of Adriatic Heritage" is a project financed by IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. Project Objective: To develop a joint cross-border platform within the Adriatic area for management and promotion of sustainable tourism based on common cultural heritage.

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Alps Master Plan

The main objective of the Alps master plan is to provide a sustainable socio-economic development plan for the communities of the Albanian Alps. The plan will show the different options for financing the basic municipal infrastructures and services, the feasibility of each option and their risks and assumptions. It aims to demonstrate the viability and sustainability of the project, based on the demand assessment for rural tourism and will propose at the same time a marketing plan for developing a competitive tourism activity.

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Regional Development Fund

The year 2014 marked a significant transformation the of Regional Development Fund which passed from a financing instrument of small projects with limited impact, to financing major projects with regional impact, in view of the urban transformation vision of large city centers.

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