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Road infrastructure
To date, the number of completed subprojects totals 1150 which corresponds to 60% of overall accomplished investments. Their impact is on the improvement of transport service and socio-economic situation.
Water Supply and Sewage Systems
To date, the number of constructed water supply schemes totals 378 which correspond to 20 % of the overall number of accomplished projects. These subprojects have a high impact on the improvement of the living conditions especially for women and seniors.
Schools, Kindergartens & Playing Fields
So far, the number of reconstructed or newly constructed schools and kindergartens reaches 123, which correspond to 6% of the total investments. These subprojects are going to have an impact on the quality of teaching and school attendance.
Health Care Centres
To date, 45 health centres are constructed which correspond to 2% of the overall investments. These health care centres have increased the access in primary health services, mainly in rural areas.
Drainage Systems
To date, 66 drainage systems are implemented which correspond to 3% of the overall investments thus providing greater possibilities for production and business in rural communities.
To date, the number of bridge construction totals 51 which correspond to 3% of the overall investments. The impact of these subprojects is on the social activities and diversification of economic possibilities for the community.
So far, 17 community markets have been set up, a figure which corresponds to 1% of the overall investments. They are going to have a positive impact on job opportunities and LGUs incomes.
Public Buildings and Community Centres
To date, 51 subprojects have been constructed; a figure which corresponds to 3% of the overall investments. The rehabilitation of public buildings like community centres, cultural centres, etc., has contributed to the improvement of living conditions and revitalization of social activities.
Other subprojects
So far, there have been carried out 48 miscellaneous subprojects such as embankments, social projects, parks, environment projects and public squares; a figure which corresponds to 2% of overall investments.