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Project for “Integrated Urban and Tourism Development”

The Project for Integrated Urban and Tourism Development consist of an important step forward for the benefit of the citizens, combining the attention toward the urban reality of the country with efforts to increase the contribution of the tourism sector in the Albanian economy.

Financed by the World Bank and the Albanian Government, this project that reaches a financing of 63.8 milion Euro, aims to:

i.      Improve urban infrastructure
ii.     Increase the value of touristic assets
iii.    Strengthening of the institutional capacity in line with recent socio-economic
        developments related to tourism

The project will concentrate its activities in the cities/towns of Berat, Gjirokaster, Permet and Saranda, but some of the activities will take place in other touristic destinations complementary to the diverse itinerary of Southern Albania.

The project is classified as category B according to World Bank guidelines, which means that interventions in its framework should not have permanent negative environmental and social impacts. Works will mostly consist in rehabilitation of existing structures.

Project activities are organized based on three main components:

I. Urban development and infrastructure improvement (44.3 milion euro)

This component will finance the design and implementation of activities for urban development and improvement of municipal infrastructure in the cities/town of Berat, Gjirokaster, Permet and Saranda.

Investments in these municipalities will include:

  • Improvement of public spaces (parks, plazas, squares, pedestrians paths)
  • Improvement of road infrastructure
  • Improvement of add-on infrastructure (pavements, lighting, cycling paths, bus stations)
  • Restoration of cultural heritage
  • Improvement of touristic centers (roads, parking, signage)
  • Improvement of water supply and sewage networks

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II. Development of touristic centers (8.4 milion euro)

This component aims to improve touristic centers along the tourism corridor of Southern Albania. Main investments include:

  • Restoration of cultural heritage assets
  • Improvement of infrastructure (roads, signage)
  • Creation of panoramic viewpoints along the itinerary
  • Preparation of feasibility studies, touristic sites management plans, detailed designs and supervision of works

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III. Tourism market and product development (7.7 milion euro)

This component will provide support to municipalities for improvement of management of their services. The main focus will be the financing of activities that support. Main investments include provision of knowledge/equipment for:

  • Financial decision making;
  • Equipment for planning, collecting and managing of local taxes and fees;
  • Knowledge and skills to prepare project proposals;
  • Establishing geographic information system (GIS) and systems for asset management.

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A short background

The Project for “Integrated Urban and Tourism Development” is in line with long term strategies of the Albanian Government to boost the local economy and communities through increased focus on urban and tourism development. For this purpose, the financing of this project was negotiated with the World Bank, combining a regional and sectorial approach. The project was in principle approved by World Bank Group at the end of 2016, followed later by the signing of the Loan Agreement between the Government of Albania and the World Bank. The agreement, subject of parliamentary approval, was ratified and approved by Presidential Decree in April 2017, date which marks the project initiation.

A number of fast track projects are under preparation or about to start with construction works by the end of 2017, while the project is expected to end in year 2021-2022.

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